Shimantika This blog is intended to help business  owners and decision makers understand how digital communication relates to business today and what it can do for them, without getting too technical.

Digital communication has had far-reaching consequences for businesses of all size. It has changed virtually all aspects of business such as  Marketing and Sales, Recruitment, Fund Raising, Customer Service, Investor Relations, and Logistics to name a few. It has reduced cost, increased productivity  and has let everybody achieve more with less.

There is a plethora of digital vehicles out there ranging from web sites, social media, email, to mobile web and apps. Then there are the marketing strategies to manage, measure and maximize value from our digital assets  such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid search aka, search engine marketing (SEM), or pay per click (PPC), web analytics, content marketing, responsive design, conversion optimization, marketing automation and so on.

All  this can get pretty confusing  for a business owner without some basic understanding of digital marketing concepts, what they can do, how to use them, and what to expect.This blog is meant to be educational and answer these questions.

A little about myself:

I started out in Communications as a non-engineer in an engineering-dominated, metallurgical firm. My responsibility was to create communication for the company’s  corporate audience who were not always engineers.

The assignments I have worked on throughout my career, have reinforced the lessons I learnt at my first job – to  view communication from the audience’s perspective, free from the inherent biases and assumptions of business owners and line managers.

I add value by creating communication that is relatable and therefore engaging to your audience who does not necessarily share your perspective, or professional background. I bring a unique blend of creativity,  analysis and intuition to my work, combining knowledge and experience with business understanding and a sense of aesthetics.

I like working independently or as part of a team with people who can bring out the best in me. I love healthy competition and hold myself and others up to high standards.

In my free time, I like to cook, garden, watch movies, listen to music, and design beautiful spaces. I can always make time for an interesting debate on any topic and an energizing cup of tea.

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